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Viagra –To Snatch the Jiffy when it’s perfect

Viagra is a prescription medicine for impotence treatment. Manufactured by Pfizer, it smacked the market in 1998, and was approved by US Food and Drug Administration. The drug has an imposing safety record.

Viagra lets you snatch the perfect moment. If you are suffering from impotence and are suggested with this pill, all you have to do is consume an hour before sex. You then have 4 hours to get in the naughty mood and capitalize on the right moment to have sex. After 4 hours from consuming the pill, its effect goes away.

What do I need to consider before consuming Viagra?

Viagra works most excellent if consumed with a low fat food. You can consume the pill on an empty stomach also. Keep away from drinking more alcohol before consuming Viagra.

Viagra does not avert sexually spreading diseases like HIV. So always wear a condom or take other protective measures to have safe sex with your spouse.

You should not consume Viagra if you are having nitrates for chest pain. The smallest dose of 25 mg is suggested for patients with heart, kidney or liver problems. If you are on protease inhibitors for remedy of HIV, your dosage options may be limited to a 25mg pill in every 2days.

The most normal dose of Viagra is 50 mg. But relying on your present health conditions, medical history and degree of the issue you are suffering, your physician may recommend a lower or higher dose. If you think that a particular dose is not giving you the results you want, consult your doctor immediately.